Henrietta Swan Leavitt: The woman who measured the universe


In the early 20th Century, Henrietta Swan Leavitt’s contribution to the field of astronomy completely changed our perception and understanding of the universe. Despite women not being allowed to use telescopes, her research led to one of the biggest scientific discoveries of our time.

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Evelyn Cheesman: London Zoo’s first female curator


London Zoo’s first female curator, Lucy Evelyn Cheesman was a woman who was determined to follow her own path in a field where men led the the way.

Cheesman was born in Kent in 1881. As a child she had a love for wildlife and natural history and she’d always wanted to be a vet.

In 1906, she applied to become a vet but the Royal Veterinary Society didn’t admit women.

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Nellie Bly: the woman who changed the face of journalism

Nellie bly

American journalist Elizabeth Cochran Seaman –  or Nellie Bly as she’s more commonly known – is one of the most important women in journalism, yet her entire professional legacy was almost forgotten.

Cochran’s career began in a small town in Pennsylvania after she got particularly angry after reading a piece entitled ‘What are Girls Good for?’ in The Pittsburg Dispatch. She wrote a seething anonymous letter to the editor which was so considered that the editor published a notice for the writer to come forward.

When she did, she was hired.

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