If you want my words in hardback instead of your internet browser tabs you’ll find them in these books:

Domestic Sluttery

In 2011 I wrote the book Domestic Sluttery with mega lifestyle publishers Pavilion (pitch them your books, they are wonderful). Despite the website closing a couple of years ago, the book is still going strong. It’s been reprinted a couple of times and there’s a digital edition. I still do a big of a jig when I see it in the shops (I also rearrange the shelves so it’s at the front, sorry shop owners). A friend once sent me a photo of it next to someone’s loo, that was a pretty proud moment.


Frommer’s London

I was shopping editor for Frommer’s London guidebooks across three editions. This was my first glimpse into the world of book publishing and it was so much fun. Except when I’d write all of the fun stuff and then leave subbing the contact information in the listings to the last minute. Don’t do that, you’ll go blind from semi-colons.

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I am spending most of my evenings “working on my novel” (I know, I know, aren’t we all?) It’s set in London in the early 1950s and it’s about three women who live above a wool shop in Fitzrovia. It about families and glam department stores, and life after the war, and mental health and The Great Smog. It’s a big novel (it could stand to be a little smaller) and it’s finally shaping into the book I always wanted to write.

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I have a bit of an obsession with book design. Especially beautiful endpapers, which can sometimes be the reason I buy a book. I love them so much that I collect and display the brilliant ones I find in one pretty Instagram. Some day soon I will probably get told off for lurking in Foyles with my iPhone.


What I’m reading

My too-read pile is taking over my entire bedside table. I get nervous if I have to make a train journey and I don’t have a book with me. I’m currently making my way through a bunch of books centred around 1950s London. If you’re stuck for something to read, here are the best books I discovered last year.  I recommend you read All The Light We Cannot SeeThe Next Step in the Dance and – despite the crappy cover – The Signature of all Things immediately. Let’s talk about The Poisonwood Bible over wine, I will forever bang on about how brilliant it is.